How To Accessorise Your John Taylor Watch

How To Accessorise Your John Taylor Watch
A watch is a statement. It says many things when it comes to fashion. First and foremost it says time matters, time is important, and I am willing to make it a priority.

Secondly, a watch says I care about how I look and I take pride in my appearance. I find this intriguing, as we are often taught from quite young, that its what's inside that matters. Whilst this is true, we are living in a time where fashion can make a huge statement about who we are, before we even open our mouths.

bondi watch  anoushka holding bag 

Thirdly, a watch can be a super fun way to accessorise an outfit! We can match up colours, metals, textures and a general feel about our outfit. We can be ultra sophisticated or rock our street wear on a trip to the local cafe. 

Are you going for a relaxed and casual look? Are you going out for a special occasion? All these things can weigh on which watch you choose, and how you choose to accessorise the watch. 

Being a co-creator in a timepiece like these John Taylor Watches, I am often amazed at how much you can change up a look simply by adding the right timepiece. When I wear our ‘Byron' style, proudly named after an Iconic Australian beach, with its tan strap and silver hardware, I feel smart casual. I would also team this watch with skinny jeans and a nice shirt. Even a short floral dress with a cardigan and booties would look amazing with the 'Byron!'

Generally when I am wearing this type of outfit I will try and pick up the tones of the tan strap with say a pair of similar boots or even a cross-body bag. 

Another style which I completely am in love with is our ‘Bondi’ watch. The ‘Bondi’ for me is my dressed up watch. Recently to an event I wore a charcoal Michael Lauren dress paired with strappy black heels with gold accents. The gold accents in the shoes tied in beautifully with the watch. I also made sure that my jewellery choices paired well and brought out the gold tones in the watch. 

Anoushka at event Noosh showing the Noosa

Another tip on how to accessorise and dress up a watch is with the example of our 'Noosa'. Our Noosa watch is my pretty girl watch, also named after a gorgeous iconic Australian beach. I find this style also extremely versatile.

Whether I am wearing a pair of white skinny jeans with a cute t-shirt, or a floral playsuit and white cardie I find this style versatile. To tie everything together for this watch I would generally choose jewellery with rose gold accents.

Down shot of Noosa Noosa looking down

There are also so many affordable options available to a shopper now, one of my favourites is ‘Collette’. 'Colette' has so many beautiful pieces, jewellery and handbags that can compliment your outfit and watch choice perfectly. 

I have included some pictures to give you some ideas on how I choose to style my outfits, but check out our Instagram for more inspiration. 

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