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The Cause

Dan and Anoushka Strange John Taylor Watches

Our names are Dan and Anoushka and this is our story

Our oldest daughter Isabella was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (cancer of the eyes) when she was 6 months old. She had to have her right eye removed, and a series of Chemotherapy and other treatments.

A prosthetic eye was placed in the right side but in early 2016 specialists became concerned with the impact this was having on the bone structure below the eye socket. We needed to take Isabella, now 9, to see an Opthamologist in America so we decided to start a business to raise money for that trip and any follow up visits.

Every moment is precious so with a passion for watches and for the love of our daughter John Taylor Watches was born.

Taylor is our daughters middle name and the watches are named after six of Australia’s iconic beaches.

Although this is our current reality, our whole goal in the future is to create a legacy not only for our daughter but for those who are facing their own challenges. Once we have raised the finance for our daughter we are supporting the A21 foundation which is an anti-human trafficking organisation dedicated to raising awareness, preventing future human trafficking and providing rehabilitation services to survivors.

We so appreciate your support and feel free to share our message to others and use our official hashtags #johntaylorwatches & #myjtstory.

Here's to a great future.

Much love,

Dan & Anoushka xo